Steering & Suspension

Steering Repair

Do you need a steering repair? If you’re not sure then you probably don’t. Your steering system, when failed, is something you notice straight away. The car will pull the wrong way. You may not even be able to steer the car at all, it could be heavy. Either way, if it’s broke, you generally know.

The system is made up of a few parts from your steering wheel down to the parts arms that pull the wheels in the direction you want to go. The most common item for complete failure is your steering rack. This is a part that is made of oil, electric parts and a simple gear system. When you turn the steering wheel, it turns gears in the rack that pulls the arms to change direction. The oil and electric parts are there for lucubration and ease of turning. If this fails, your car needs a new one. There is some scope for repair but not much as these tend to be sealed units.

The most common repair we do is to the direction your car drives in. Track rod ends are connected to the end of your rack. They are screwed on in a precise way that keeps the wheels aligned. Simply driving over a speed bump, kerb or pot hole can change this. We call this wheel alignment, it is rectified easily and quickly with the correct tools.

Suspension Repair

We’ve spoke briefly about steering now lets speak about suspension. It goes hand in hand with steering as their connected parts. Your suspension connects to the cars wheels and it allows for a smooth ride. Without it you’d get whiplash putting the brakes on or hitting a pot hole.

Most cars have a similar system, its a spring and a compressed tank. These work together to soften bumps in the road. Some cars have, instead of a traditional spring, a bar that does the same job. The compressed tank contains air and oil which can often fail as well as the spring snapping. Let’s be honest, our roads aren’t in the best condition for these kind of items.

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