Car Servicing

Car servicing is vital for any car to increase it’s life. That’s why, when buying a car, we all ask “what’s the service history”. Without one, you have no idea if your car has had any maintenance in it’s life time.

We don’t just service a car so that we have the history. As mentioned previously, it’s to increase it’s lifespan. Your car is a mass of moving parts. Each part endures wear and tear every time you turn the key and start the engine. If these parts encounter too much wear and tear, your car is likely to break down. Servicing helps reduce this risk and keeps your car on the road longer.

What's Changed During a Service?

A lot of people come to us and ask “what’s changed or done during a service?”. This is a very good question however, it also has a variety of answers. Many of the answers depend on the car your have, it’s current age and mileage.

All manufacturers set out guidelines on what needs to be changed on your car. As well as when it has to be done. This is where our “main dealer quality” comes into play. Many garages just change the same items no matter what the car is. At Huyton Lane Garage, we stick to the guidelines set by your manufacturer.

There are some items that are changed at every service however. These include

  • Spark Plugs (If petrol)
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter

It’s important to note that some diesels require a fuel filter every service while others require it every so many miles. That’s why it’s not included in the list above.

Other Item's Covered on a Service

As part of our car servicing routine, all cars get a full inspection. It’s not quite an MOT but it’s as good as one. This will give you an idea of what may need replacing soon or straight away, that isn’t listed on the service schedule.

Leaving you safe in the knowledge of the mechanical side of the car is taken care of. If your car is in need of a service, then get in touch with us today to get it booked in.