Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Repairs

Your gearbox is what allows your car to achieve the high speeds it does. Very similar to a pedal bike, the box has a number of gears inside. Each gear has a different difficulty of movement. Low gears are easy to move to get the car rolling. While the high gears are harder to move but allow the car to go faster. It’s important to keep your gearbox serviced and looked after to avoid needing gearbox repairs.

You’ll know your in need of a gearbox repair when you experience any of the following.

  • Hard to get into gear
  • Jumps out of selection
  • Makes a grinding noise going in
  • Makes a whine or grind when driving

If you have any of these symptoms then it’s time to get your car booked in today. Either call us on 0151 430 0231 or fill in our contact form. If you’re on a mobile device, simply click the phone button on your screen to call us directly.

Gearbox Replacement

If your gearbox has gone too far and is no longer available for our gearbox repairs service then you may need a replacement. We can help you source a brand new or refurbished box for your vehicle. All we need to get started is the make and model of your car as well as your budget. The budget determines the quality of gearbox we can provide.

If your car has totally broken down then you may need our recovery service. We offer a large recovery van to move cars of all different sizes. If you contact us we will give you a quote directly.

If you contact us directly via telephone, we can get the process started for you. Call us now on 0151 430 0231.