Exhaust Repairs

This is one item of your cars system where people often struggle to understand the importance. Did you know that an exhaust doesn’t just expel the gasses from the car? It also has responsibility of power, performance and fuel economy.

Exhausts are checked for leaks during an MOT due to the emissions. After all, that’s how the tax modern day cars. If you do have a leaky system you are also using more fuel to power your car. The way your exhaust is planned and fitted by the manufacturer is very specific to the performance. You don’t want to be wasting money on fuel for the sake of a small repair.

We can repair a lot of faulty systems using our welding equipment. This keeps your repair costs to a minimum. If you’re exhaust is beyond repair then we will recommend a replacement. You will also know exactly what the replacement will cost at the same time.

Exhaust Replacement

There are many parts of your exhaust that could need replacing. The system starts under the bonnet connected to your engine. This then runs down the engine and under your car generally to the back. The whole system is split into pieces so that you can change different parts independently.

Pricing an exhaust replacement depends on which part of the system is faulty. Most pieces of the exhaust are inexpensive. However, parts such as the catalytic converter or the exhaust manifold can be very expensive.

If your exhaust cannot be repaired and you need to it be replaced, then we will give you a full quote. You will know exactly what part needs replacing and the full cost.

If you could benefit from a repair or replacement then please get in touch with us now. If you’re not sure, still get in touch and we can give you some advice as well as possibly check your system for free.