Engine Work

Engine Repairs

Your engine is the heart and soul of your car. Even considering brakes, tyres and exhausts, without your engine your car simply will not move. This is why we all have servicing yearly (or at least I hope you do) to minimise this risk. However, if your car is in need of engine repairs, you are in the right place.

Our team will look after your car, whether it be with servicing, or after a big problem. The experienced team here at Huyton Lane Garage can get you car back on the road. We also have a recovery team available if you’ve broken down and cannot get to us.

Head Gasket Repair

A head gasket is a vital part of the engines cooling and lubrication system. This gasket basically separates the oil from the water as it runs around your engine. It’s common for this gasket to fail for reasons such as lack of servicing. We’ve even seen cars that fail because of how they’re made.

When the gasket fails, the water starts mixing with the oil. This mixture causes a gap in part of your cars system and causes it to over heat. Now this over heating is visible in a number of ways. Your car could boil, you’ll hear the water bubbling under the bonnet and possibly with some steam. The exhaust could smoke, white or blue. White smoke means the water is seeping in and burning off in the cylinder. Blue means the oil is seeping in and burning off.

Head Gasket Failure

Repairing a head gasket is a lengthy task. Removing the cylinder head and replacing the item is time consuming. The cylinder head itself (the top half of the engine) also needs to be sent away for a repair. Due to the heat involved in this location, a new gasket will not sit correctly if the head is not cleaned up by a machine.

Our team have repaired many head gaskets. Call us now to get your car booked in. If you’re unsure your car needs a head gasket then still give us a call. We can investigate the issue you’re having.

Timing Belt Replacement

Although the timing belt is a serviceable item, we list it here under heavy engine repairs. This is due to the number of garages that refuse this work. Believe it or not, some garages aren’t equipped with the correct tools to replace this item for you.

Your timing belt is what keeps all the moving parts of your car, moving together. The car manufacturer sets out a timescale on when this should be replaced. A timing belt is made of  a rubber composite which can stretch over time and eventually snap. The trick is getting your belt changed at the correct time to prevent this. If your belt snaps then your car could require a new engine. We all want to avoid these problems with our car.

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