Clutch & Flywheel

Clutch Garage

The clutch drives your car forward, it also allows you to change gear and reach higher speeds in your car. The clutch itself has a few parts but can only be bought as a whole. It also has a master and a slave cylinder, this allows you to push the pedal without too much force.

There are signs to look for when your clutch is starting to fail. It will start to slip. You’ll notice your revs go up while your speed doesn’t increase. There could be difficulty changing gear or your car will not go into gear at all. When these happen it’s important to find yourself a clutch garage. A specialist clutch garage like us at Huyton Lane Garage, will have a specific set of tools to enable them to remove and replace the part correctly. If you don’t choose a garage like this specificually, the job could cost more and take longer to complete so it’s important to get this right.

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Diesel Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

Generally a flywheel issue is only evident on diesel cars. The flywheel is an item that is bolted to the engine and when the car is moving. The clutch sits on top and takes engine revolutions to your gearbox. Modern diesel cars, while being heavy are very easy to drive. This is thanks to the flywheel being a dual mass flywheel. Made up of 2 plates separated by springs, it dampens the pressure from the car making for a smoother drive. The springs inside will wear away and break, this leads to your car or van needing a clutch and flywheel replacement.

You’ll know your flywheel is starting to fail fairly quickly. When the springs start to corrode the car will vibrate more than normal when revved up. This is the plates vibrating against each other telling you failure is imminnent.

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