Car Brake Check & Repairs

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that your brakes are an important part of your car. After all, without them, you wouldn’t stop. So why are people so relaxed about having their brakes checked or waiting to have them repaired?

You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve advised that brake pads & or discs need to be replaced. Only for a customer to say “I’ll give it a few weeks first”. Brakes that are low are dangerous to yourself, passengers and other road users so it’s important to keep them well maintained.

Brake Check

All though we check your brakes during car servicing, we know some use your car more than others. We recommend your brakes to be checked every 5,000 miles with a view to also checking them every time you go on a long distance journey.

If you’re ever in doubt then you can come and have your brakes checked with us for FREE. We don’t charge to check your brakes, only when it comes to a replacement.

Brake Repairs & Replacement

When choosing to have your brakes repaired, it’s important to choose a garage who knows what they’re doing. Every attention to detail must be followed during brake repairs. Pads must be clean, discs must be in good order if they’re not being changed and the bolts have to be tightened to the correct torque. If any of these are not followed then you are risking an accident.

At Huyton Lane Garage, we follow the correct manufacturer guidelines when fitting brakes. Don’t chance your brakes with someone who doesn’t, get your car booked in today for a FREE brake check and advice from us.