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Why Choose Us

Why Use Us at Huyton Lane Garage

There are many reasons we could say to choose us at Huyton Lane Garage. However, there are some items that set us apart from the competition.

Experience: Our experienced staff know cars inside. Understanding how cars have changed over the years and keeping up to date with modern technology to know how they are likely to develop in the future.

Professionalism: Everything we do from pricing jobs, to invoicing is done in a professional manner. We are sticklers for procedures and following these allow us to do a professional job every single time.

Cost: All of our jobs are priced fairly. We do not see a job and make up prices unlike some garages. We work from number of hours at a set cost per hour. It also allows us to be cheaper and more transparent than the opposition. No one likes the feeling of not knowing what you’re paying for.

Why Choose Other Garages?

With everything mentioned above do you have any reason to use another garage? We don’t think so, however, we’re open to criticism. If you feel there is anything we need to improve then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll happily discuss your thoughts.